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Graceless Lady ([personal profile] sailor_jerry) wrote2010-09-20 05:45 pm

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Right. Enough is enought. I've gotta do it - I'm going to sort out my Livejournal/Dreamwidth situation.

It seems to be the thing going on at the moment on my friends list, especially since LJ seems to keep ballsing up in new and unique ways. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but it will definitely not involve me 'leaving' Livejournal in the complete sense of the word, as I have far too many wonderful friends on here, am active in a lot of communities and am kinda attached as I've been in this place for *calculates* 10 years!
It's most likely going to involve my general entry posting moving over to Dreamwidth and then being duplicated over here. This journal will still remain active as far as commenting and friends listing-ing goes :)

To all of those who have a Dreamwidth account and are so inclined *smiles sweetly* would you find terribly adding me over there? I'm username sailor_jerr. I'll probably operate the same very liberal friends-only policy. My account there is pretty bare at the moment except for my profile information, but I'm hoping to get a nice layout and user icons etc. set up over the next few days.

Well. That's the end of the ridiculous service announcement, we can all relax and get excited about THE FULL DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1. TRAILER COMING OUT ON WEDNESDAY FFFFFFUUUUU......

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